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Strategy Management





Strategy Management





OPMC is different in that we are specialized in the Organizational Project Management (OPM) consultancy which simply combines project portfolio management and strategy management. Our services span the entire domains within your organizations, Project, Program, Portfolio, Strategy and most importantly People.

We can support your organization to make the bridge between its projects and its strategic objectives.

We are committed to helping our clients get their organizations back on track or to transform from good to great.
OPMC offers a wide range of management services which support the organizational improvement and development , however, our emphasis is on three major areas:







Strategy Management


OPMC helps organizations solve their strategy execution challenges. Unfortunately many strategy execution efforts fail due to overlooking the preparation effort that should take place to assess the organizational readiness and the level of organizational maturity.


The OPMC Strategy Execution Process implements several proven strategy management practices like: Balanced Scorecard, Execution Premium, EFQM and OPM3, among others. These proven frameworks are used by thousands of organizations worldwide to link strategy and operations to achieve performance results.






Strategy Design


Strategy is an integrated approach that drive organizations to achieve their mission and strategic objectives. Strategy design is the act of formulating the answers to four strategic choices:


  • Who are our customers, what will we provide them and how?
  • What value our organization provides to our customers?
  • What will our financial/operational model look like?
  • What capabilities do we need to have in our organization?


The key goal in designing your organizational strategy is to create a sustainable competitive advantage or value to customers. Your value proposition is the expression of how that advantage / value translates to the business environment.


Your strategy describes, clearly, your offerings and why you are best positioned to deliver them to your customers. Strategy, however, is only as good as the organization’s ability to execute.


Unfortunately, Most companies that develop a strategic plan are unable to translate into business environment success. Often, strategic plans sit on presentations.


OPMC offers a practical and executable strategy design approach that helps our client achieve their strategic objectives.




Strategy Execution



Managing strategy is managing change. And most organizations that manage their strategy successfully adopt a disciplined process. It is a process that can be learned and mastered. Over the years we’ve learned that a great strategy poorly executed is worthless. Ultimately any organization needs to build an outstanding strategy management capability that enables them to do fundamentally three things.


First, is alignment, creating an organization where everyone is aligned to the strategy, understands exactly what it is that the organization is trying to accomplish, and his or her role in contributing to the strategy. That’s a very powerful thing when it happens.


Second, executives really have to be great at being able to understanding what’s happening inside and outside the organization, and bring those two things together to continually deploy resources to what is working and away from what is not. This is the critical skill that all executives need to have.



Corporate Governance and Performance


The OPMC approach ensures that performance is optimized by having a clear strategy implemented through a holistic strategy management system, operationalized through rigorous governance and monitored and measured through risk management mechanisms designed specifically to fit the purpose of the organization.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors all have a practical, tailored and integrated approach to governance and risk management to give them the best chance of success.


Our methodology is underpinned by globally recognized standards and decades of practical experience working with organizations to execute strategy.   The benefits of our approach include enhanced decision making, accountability, compliance, transparency and alignment, resulting ultimately in sustained organizational performance.







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