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Organizational Transformation





Organizational Transformation





OPMC is different in that we are specialized in the Organizational Project Management (OPM) consultancy which simply combines project portfolio management and strategy management. Our services span the entire domains within your organizations, Project, Program, Portfolio, Strategy and most importantly People.

We can support your organization to make the bridge between its projects and its strategic objectives.

We are committed to helping our clients get their organizations back on track or to transform from good to great.
OPMC offers a wide range of management services which support the organizational improvement and development , however, our emphasis is on three major areas:







Organizational Transformation


In order to compete in today’s continually challenging world, organizations have to reassess, reposition and refit more often than they have in the past.  Old processes, systems and tools which were working fine yesterday, will be hardy capable to satisfy your organization’s needs today but tomorrow they will be no longer able to keep up with the requirements for meaningful information and best practices of doing business.


Organizational Transformation Solutions is one of OPMC’s Market Offerings that provides the solutions, methodologies and expertise to help clients ensure that their organizations are successful with the changes they are making to their businesses. This includes changes in strategy, employees culture, organization structure, processes, corporate governance and systems. Regardless of the size, scope or industry, organizational transformation fundamentally change the way people interact with each another, systems or the work they do on a regular basis.












Change Management & Leadership

Change Management & Leadership (CML)


Change Management & Leadership is the main pillar in the organizational transformation, designing the best processes and purchasing the most advanced systems will not transform your organization to the new desired state if your people are not willing to change.


Change Management and Leadership entail thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with the organization change agents, and involvement of all stakeholders affected by the changes. imposing change on people will not work. Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. Within Integrated CML, activities fall into one of the four disciplines:


  • Organizational culture
  • Leadership & Stakeholder Commitment
  • Communication
  • Coaching & Learning


Coaching and Learning focus on the staff competency which consists of three separate dimensions:


  • Knowledge – what people know about the application of processes, tools and techniques in their business activities
  • Performance & Skills – how people apply business knowledge to meet business requirements
  • Personal & Behavior – how people behave when performing activities in a business environment


In order to your people to be recognized as fully competent, they must satisfy each of these three dimensions.




Organizational Restructure (OR)



A well designed operating model and organization structure provide a clear and effective way to optimize and operate resources to achieve organizational strategic objectives.
Research indicates that organizations with effective operating model and organization structure are at least three times more likely to achieve sustainable growth and improvement.


Organization Restructure efforts can be complex and full of political issues. OPMC’s approach is Organizational Restructure for enhanced decision making which helps ensure the organizational changes have a better decision making process and consequently a better performance.



Business Process Transformation (BPT)


BPT aims to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to do it faster, easier and more efficient which will lead to time, cost and resources optimization and customer satisfaction.


You need to use the strategic planning process as a vehicle for promoting Business Process Transformation and your team needs to realize that BPT is about business capabilities and outcomes.


It’s very important not to fail in the trap that many organizations fail in which is driving BPT IT.


OPMC approach to BPT relies building a team of senior business process executives and business operations to build BPM centers of excellence which brings data to the BPM efforts








Governance Review



Governance is all about performance and conformance. The OPMC approach ensures that performance is optimized by having a clear strategy implemented through a holistic strategy management system, operationalized through rigorous governance and monitored and measured through risk management mechanisms designed specifically to fit the purpose of the organization.  Our goal is to ensure that our clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors all have a practical, tailored and integrated approach to governance and risk management to give them the best chance of success.


Our methodology is underpinned by globally recognized standards and decades of practical experience working with organizations to execute strategy.   The benefits of our approach include enhanced decision making, accountability, compliance, transparency and alignment, resulting ultimately in sustained organizational performance.




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